Chamois in the Moonlight

I went up to Hohneck again to catch the sunrise. I've been checking the webcam a lot since my last trip up there and the sunrises look great with the low clouds. I had the chance to go again yesterday, so I took it.

It wasn't as cold as last time, so I decided to find a spot to set up and wait for the sunrise. I like to be quite early, because if there's a clear view, the hour before sunrise creates beautiful silhouettes of the mountains. Which I'll go into in a second post, as I got distracted this time, with another subject for a while.

This is what I could see

So I was sat in the grass  looking and just about seeing the first signs of light, watching a few clouds go by in the nearly clear sky and I started to get the feeling that I wasn't as alone as I thought I was! I had the feeling that there was something in the grass around ten metres away. It was still very dark though and only rough shapes were visible at that distance.

I pointed the camera in the direction, changed the settings quickly to let more light in and took a picture. I could now see that I wasn't alone and I could see who was there, there was a chamois sitting in the grass about 8 meters away. It looks further in this image because of the 18mm lens.

I couldn't believe my luck, the second time at this location and both times I stumble across a chamois. I tried to get some pictures, but it was still too dark for the length of exposure that I needed with the lens that I wanted to use. So I sat very quietly and I waited until the first rays of light.

When the sunlight eventually reached, it covered the chamois in a beautiful golden glow. The light was still a little too low and you can see some slight movement, but I still love the images I was able to get. 

f/8, 1/4 sec, ISO-1000, 344mm

f/8, 0.5sec, ISO6400, 727mm

Realising at this point that I was missing the sunrise, I tried to combine the two.

f/5.6, 1/10sec, ISO-1600, 93mm

After an hour of watching this chamois and the sunrise, the chamois decided it was time to get up and join the rest of the herd.

f/6.7, 1/3 sec, ISO-500, 210mm

I think that I've been spotted. Actually I'm sure that the Chamois knew that I was there a long time before I knew that it was there.

f/8, 1/8sec, ISO-1250, 592mm


f/8, 1/45 sec, ISO-6400, 840mm

The sun was up in the sky, there were now quite a few people around trying to get close to the herd and scaring them further away. A few even trying to get close enough to get a picture with their phones! 

The last image for this entry of the herd from a distance moving away.

f/8, 1/500 sec, ISO-5000, 840mm