Belchenflue - First Night

I was meant to go up on this evening with a friend, but they cancelled last minute, so I decided to go anyway. This place has a different atmosphere on a night with a new moon. Dark and very quite.

There was more cloud cover than I was hoping for, so I spent most of the night getting used to the location, looking for compositions that would work for me with different lenses.

There was quite a variation in the weather. The blue light in the clouds of these two images is from a lightning storm over Basel in the distance.

55mm , f/2.8, ISO 800, 30sec

200mm, f/4, ISO6400, 30sec

These two in a different direction, both at 30 seconds but different lenses.

200mm, f/8, ISO 4000, 30 sec

35mm f/2.8, ISO1250, 30sec

This is the composition that I liked the most and spent the most time on, with some movement to the left and to the right of the hill . There was a lot of change in the clouds over the night. I'm not happy with the lens though. It has the width that I'm looking for, but it's soft in the corners.

14mm, f/2.8, ISO 1600, 30sec

And finally, once I had decided to finish for the night as the cloud cover was increasing and had walked down to the parking space, I came out of the cover of the forest and was confronted with this. 

View from the parking space