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Blog Post - 0006

Still trying to work on the abstract image with the feeling of movement. These two images were created with the help of Photoshop and the Motion filter.

This image was created by using two layers. The person in the image was cut out and placed in the second layer. The hole in the first layer was filled up by duplicating the area around it. A motion blur filter was applied and then the person was placed back into the image.

This one was done with the same process. The motion blur wasn't as strong and I had to take more care with the waves around the feet

After working on these two images I started looking for others to try this same process on. This image is originally from a sunset from the Welsh coast, which I think is still clear.

My intention was to use the motion blur filter just enough to bring movement into the image but still to be able to tell that what the image was.

I wanted to still see the sea, the waves, the sun and still see that it's a sunset.

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