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Away for too long

Two months have passed since my last post, and it’s been nearly two months since I last picked up my camera. Not a pleasant thought at all.

The reason for the absence has been the house renovation. Over the past few weeks every spare moment has been spent preparing to move in to, moving in, and then finishing off things that I didn’t get a chance to do before moving in.

I’m now living in the house, and there is still a lot to do, but if I don’t pick up my cameras soon I fear that I may forget how to use them.

Things have to change.

And they are changing. I am closer to some of my favourite locations, there is as a herd of chamois close by and although I haven’t seen it, I know that there is a lynx in the area. In addition to this my current work contract has come to an end. While I’m looking for a new position I will make use of the time to explore to local area and more importantly improve my fitness. On that note, if anyone reading this is looking for an application / service / project manager with a background in graphical comparison software and an extensive knowledge of Braille alphabets, please let me know.

I have several ideas going forward.

  • I’m going to spend time observing the local chamois. A relatively easy one compared to some of the others. It will involve very early mornings and hikes through the forests. In doing this I will also explore the area more.

  • A very unlikely wish, but a wish nevertheless, and one that I will be actively pursuing. I want to see the local lynx. I’ve had a fleeting glimpse of a lynx in the Vosges mountains. It was a moment of no more than a fraction of a second, but one that plays back in such slow motion each and every movement burnt into my mind.

  • I’ve also become fascinated by white-throated dippers flittering around small shallow streams. I’m going to spend time narrowing down a few locations and then sit in a small river watching these beautiful birds.

  • After two years of volunteering with the annual bearded vulture count, and after two years of barely even seeing a single bird never mind a bearded vulture, I plan to actually see one of them.

  • One final one for this list is analogue photography. I’ve taken a leap and purchased a medium format analogue camera and will be taking time to rediscover this form of photography.

  • And one final, final. I’d like to write a book. This one has been with me for quite a while.I have a few ideas, but they’re not quite clear as of yet.

Between looking for a new job, house renovation work, and exploring the area, I’ll have more than enough to keep me busy. Now once I get over this cold, I can make a start.

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