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Back to Bisisthal - Day Two

After a lovely dinner, a resting sleep in the Berggasthaus Glattalp, the next day was starting to break and my camera is still broken. It wasn't a bad dream. I went outside before breakfast to take a photo or two of the area. It was light but the sun hadn't quite made it over the mountain peaks yet.

The plan for the day was shorter than the previous, as we also had a couple of hours drive home after the hike. We were going to the the view point Grossbodenkreuz, over to Hängst, and then back to the cable car.

One last look back at the Gasthaus before tackling the hill. It's just visible slightly to the right of the middle.

On the way up the hill, the sun started to appear over the peaks. I took this opportunity to capture a sunburst shot.

The next is a very simple composition. It was taken at roughly the same time as the previous image. I've added it in as a contrast to show the difference in light from both sides of the valley as well as showing the route that we would take to the top.

After the cross country trek away from the path we made it to the top. It's not the highest point of this location, but it is one that gives an incredible 360° view of the valleys and the peaks.

The more I see of this area, the more I like it. There is so much to see and so many possible compositions. I will definitely be spending more time there next season.

There is one more image for this blog, well actually two but one is from a previous blog entry. I've included it as the final image was taken from the same location. There is one week between these images.

In the first it was -5°C with 30 cm of snow and in the second it was over 30°C overflowing with autumn colour.

The next post might be delayed, as I have to wait for my Olympus to come back from being repaired, that is of course if it can be repaired!

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