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Blog Post - 5

Had to take a trip to Barcelona, so I took advantage of the chance of being near the coast and took some images at the beach.

I was recently at a Photography exhibition at the Natural History Museum in Basel and saw the image Coastal colours by Jens Rosbach, I liked the style and wanted to try to create something similar.

The effect in the Coastal Colours image is created in-camera, so it's not achieved by using motion filter in Photoshop. To technique to get close results is relatively easy, you can use the panorama function of the tripod move the lens from side to side.

Although this sounds quite easy, it still takes a lot of attempts and fine adjustment of the exposure to create capture exactly what you want.

But this is still not where it should be. There is a curve to the image that is more prominent at the bottom.

I managed to get two images, in this image the curve is less obvious but still slightly visible.

I'm still going to work on this process as I like the effects, but I need to find another solution to produce the camera movement without rotation.

I have an idea that I haven't tried yet and this is to use a macro slider, something similar to the Novoflex Castel-MINI. I will get round to it soon.


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