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Basel Nights

Blog Post - 0024

There was a full moon on Friday and the forecast was clear (I should read the last entry again!), so I wanted to take the opportunity to capture the moon over the city. I tried to plan with TPE to find out the time that the moon would be in the place that I wanted for the shot. The time and place were correct but I hadn't thought about the elevation. The moon was higher than I needed it to be, which in the end didn't matter too much, as the clouds were covering it.

I still took the chance to take some more pictures and work on cityscapes and low light images.

I was surprised about the number of people around near the Münster especially tour guides with torches that felt the need to shine them directly at my lens! Apart from that, most people tend to disappear at night with a 30-second exposure.

These first two images are of Basel Münster. They were taken with a Samyang 14mm, so the f-stop isn't recorded in the metadata.

The next two are from the Mittlere Brücke in the centre of Basel. These were also taken with the Samyang 14mm.

I'm not that keen on these images and I think that I need some more practice with this lens at night

This image seems to have a slight shake to it, it could have been caused by the two trams going by.


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