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Don't depend on the weather forecast!

Blog Post - 0022

I went up the Passwang again to try to improve on the last Star Trails attempt. Although it wasn't too bad I wanted to get a longer trail effect.

As the title hints, the sky wasn't exactly as forecast. It was far from the completely clear that it was meant to be.

I went up early to be able to set up while there was still a little bit of light, so I took the chance to take a few shots of the sunset too.

The sun went down, the sky darkened, but although the clouds looked like they were going to go away, they didn't. They moved around a bit, but increased ever so slowly, to the point where most of the sky was covered. I stayed up there until after midnight, but I then gave up.

While I was taking the next image I didn't see the wire from the electric fence (it was very dark). I was thinking of removing it but I quite like the effect it delivers


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