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Druidstone Beach

Blog Post - 0037

I've been away for a week in Pembrokeshire. As I live in a beautiful, but landlocked country, most of my time was spent near the sea and on one occasion in the sea. I went to the beaches that I know and love as well as to some new locations.

I took a lot of pictures, so I need to split the trip up into a few posts. I've decided to do this by location starting with Druidstone Beach. This is my favourite beach in the area, there is an atmosphere here that is not present on other beaches.

I chose the images below from the many that I took to show the extent of the possible variations of the composition. On a side note, I am taking fewer images than I used to as I spend more time thinking about the final image, the composition, the settings, filters, etc.

The first image shows a lot of the left side of the beach from just after the path down to the beach. It was a grey day, but with the long exposure, I was able to bring out some of the blue skies.

This image is also a long exposure shot, in fact, a lot of the images from this trip are long exposure. The violet colour in the rock pool was there, but due to the need to remove the purple hue created by the filter, it disappeared in processing so I had to manually bring it back.

This was taken on another day at sunset and the tide was coming back in. There is really not a lot of time to get long exposure images done at this time, the exposure is 3 minutes and 20 seconds and in that time you really only have one chance to get the image done.

I like the isolation of the single rock and the alignment with the sun, the boat on the horizon is an added extra.

The next is one of me taken by my wonderfully patient wife, that fortunately loves to spend as much time on beaches as I do. She also took this picture of the previous image being created.

The final three are of the final moments of the sunset. The first is a composition of several images, this was needed to be able to show the details of the rocks as well as the setting sun.

HDR composite

There will be a couple more posts from this trip soon.

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