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Four Days - Four Seasons

Day Three - Autumn

Third day in and autumn has arrived, there were a lot of low fast-moving clouds in the morning which kept changing the view. Just after the title shot was taken the view looked like this.

And a few minutes later like this again.

I was hoping to get some long exposure shots of the clouds, but they were changing too quickly to be able to capture anything with the composition that I wanted and filters that I had with me. I was able to catch a few from the peaks though.

After breakfast, the clouds were a little lighter, and unfortunately a lot higher!

During the day we took a trip to Flims. The weather wasn't great, all day it was pretty much constant drizzle, so not many pictures were taken and those that were weren't great.

The next picture is one of them, but I've included it as I find it interesting. It looks like a composite of two images, one for the top half and the second on the bottom half. It is, in fact, several images, but they are portraited shots to create the panorama.

End of day three the rain showers had started to turn into snow. This shot was taken from the terrace of the restaurant. I decided to go with the 1:1 format again as I felt that it fit better to the triangular forms and colour balance.


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