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Four Days - Four Seasons

DAY ONE - Spring

We took the opportunity over the Easter break to go away for a few days to Graubünden.

Luckily our favourite hotel in the area was open, so we were able to stay at the Hotel Restaurant Capricorns in Wergenstein, it's the central building in the title image. If you are looking for somewhere to stay in the mountains, go there. I can not recommend this hotel enough. The staff are great and the food is so good, even if you don't go there to stay overnight, make the trip for the restaurant, the food is really spectacular.

When we arrived, it was beautiful spring weather, by the time we left, winter had set in again.

I haven't got any images from the first evening, I was distracted by the thought of what was going to be on the menu.

There are still quite a few images, so I've split the trip into four posts, one for each season.

It starts with a beautiful crisp clear morning and going out to see the sun climb over the mountains on a path close to the hotel.

The moon was still out, and the first rays of sunshine were hitting the peaks behind me.

It was incredible how the temperature changed once the sun appeared.

After breakfast, we moved higher up the mountain for a hike along a new trail. There aren't many shots as of this time for several reasons, the main one being that it was the first hike of the season and I was concentrating on breathing while struggling up the hill.

I could do with a little more focal range, but I'm happy that I still managed to get an image of a soaring Golden Eagle.

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