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Fujifilm GFX 50s mkII

It’s coming up to two years since I’ve had my GFX 50s, and as much as I still love using it and I really do. I like the image quality, the handling and the ergonomics, but there are a few points that I would change, and that I hope to see on the next GFX 50s. As with most of you, I’m also spending a lot of time indoors so I thought that I’d take some time to list the changes that I would like to see, mostly on the ergonomic design side.

  • Rear LCD - It’s a pet hate of mine, but I would like to have a screen that could be folded in the body completely, as with the new X-T4. I consider a camera as a tool and use it as such. I don’t throw it around, but I am also not overly protective, I don’t mind if it gets a scratch or two. The screen is a delicate part prone to scratching, being able to fold it closed would be beneficial.

  • Battery compartment - As many other photographers do, I use an L-plate, and any standard L-plate blocks the battery compartment. There are various models on the market that try to combat this issue, but I have only found one that works for me, and that is the Fotodiox Pro EXXY. The vertical section can slide down and is tightened in place by a screw. Even though this solution is functional for me I would like to see a change in location.

  • If the battery compartment can’t be changed, and I can see how this could be an issue with the size, at least add in-camera charging, and even if it can be, add in-camera charging anyway.

  • Focus mode selector - On most fuji models it is in the same location, on the front lower corner. I like this location, it is a prime location that is easily accessible without having to remove your hand from the lens. On the GFX 50s, it’s on the back just under the viewfinder, not convenient and not easily accessible. I’d like to see it moved to the front, either on the front lower corner as with other models or in place of the Sync terminal, which doesn’t need to be easily accessible.

  • Diopter - I’d like to have a lock on the diopter to stop any accidental change.

  • Camera strap attachment- I can see the concept of a symbolic connection to the older medium format cameras, the same form of connection between strap and camera as once was, a retro feel, but it doesn’t work. That fuji has not used the same connection on both the GFX 50r and the GFX 100 leads me to believe that this will also be the case for the next GFX 50s.

  • An extra function button on the front - There is already one between the grip and the lens mount, a second one could be placed there too, without any disruption to the ergonomics.

  • This might be just me, but the legs of the lens collars on the two lenses that I have tried with collars (GF250 and GF 100-200) are too close to the lens and the body. It’s not possible for me to fit my fingers between the mount and the lens, and it’s not possible to twist to portrait with grip at the base if you want to have your hand on the grip.

  • And finally, IBIS and a slightly faster autofocus would be nice.

From the more recent releases, the GFX 50r and GFX 100, I can see that some of these changes have already been addressed, so I hope that they will be applied to the mark II.


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