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Grindelwald - First

Blog Post - 0017

These were taken during a walk from the First Cable car station to Bachalpsee. I had two things that I was going to try to do.

Last time that I was there, there was a group of Murmeltier (Marmot) near the lake, but they had moved on this time. There was a fool up there that found it very amusing to keep blowing his emergency whistle to sound like the call of the Murmeltier!

The other thing that I was hoping for was to get an image with the reflection of the mountains in Bachalpsee. This also didn't quite work as the weather was very varied. When the lake was smooth enough there were a lot of clouds and when there weren't many clouds it was because the wind had picked up and then there were too many ripples.

I think that I managed to get a few nice images though.

Firecrest ND filter - Unedited RAW Image

Edited image - Reduction of purple haze

There are two images that are very similar. I was using a new ND filter and on one of the images, you'll notice a slight purple haze. I corrected this in Lightroom and uploaded both of the images as a before and after. The first image is the unedited one with the purple haze, the second is with the reduction of the purple haze and the greens lightened up.


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