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Hohneck Sunrise

Blog Post - 0036

I'll start with a crossover image, one from the last post showing the chamois, the silhouette of the alps and the light from the sunrise.

There was so much going on, that as already mentioned in the last post, I almost forgot about taking the sunrise shots as I was distracted by the chamois, but as you can see, the atmosphere was wonderful and the colours spectacular. So I still managed to get quite a few images.

The following five images are posted in the order that they were taken and within thirty minutes of each other.

Nearly there. by this time I've been waiting around two hours for the sun to appear. from this point everything goes quickly.

This was taken to the left of the previous image and as it's not directly into the sun it gives a softer feel to it and reveals the blue sky. I really like the variation of the colours and the way the flow of the clouds looks like waves in a lake.

I altered the settings with this shot to reduce the amount of light reaching the sensor. The effect darkens everything and reduces the glare of the sun. the orange light in the foreground is the reflection from the low clouds in the valley.

Once the sun appears it travels faster than you'd really expect. There isn't that much time to get the pictures taken. There are 4 minutes between this shot and the previous one.

One minute later and it looks different again.

On the way home I had to stop whenever I got the chance to park the car. The light in the forest was so warm and inviting, like early autumn, yet when I got close to the level of the low clouds it was again cold and felt like winter.

I'm growing very fond of the Vosges, there are so many possibilities there. I will definitely be spending more time there.


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