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In a Valley

This series of images are from last year, from a post that I forgot to activate. I remember that I had trouble adding words to the post, so I decided to put it to the side for a while and go back to it.

What was a mistake has turned out to fit with the previous two blog entries about my further plans and my change in perspective about using the GFX 50s for wildlif

e. This was the day that triggered an interest in white throated dippers.

It was last summer, a hot summer that seems to stay around like the last guest that hasn’t realised that the party is over and doesn’t want to leave. A time when I was still living in hope that the Autumn weather was coming. It had made a few short appearances over the past couple of weeks, but the temperature had risen back up to around 30°C. It’s not my favourite weather, so I decided to escape for a while to Kaltbrunnental. This is a valley with a name that roughly translates as Cold Stream Valley, so it seemed like the place to be, and it didn’t disappoint.

With my wellies on I made my way into the cool darkness of the valley and into the stream. All images in the post are shot with the GFX 50s, using either the 32-64mm or the 250mm.


The valley is full of streams, small waterfalls, and dippers. Nervous little birds, but if you stay in one place for long enough and remain relatively still they will return to the same spots. I waited as the light was only getting better and managed to get a few shots.


Further into the darker parts of the forest and stray beams of light are just managing to get through the canopy. One of them hit the leave ahead of me and left this spider silhouetted against them.

Same spider, same web, slightly different perspective.



This last shot is one that I didn’t take, I must have pressed the shutter button while walking or putting the camera down. No matter how it happened, I like the result.


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