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Lago Del Naret

Blog Post - 0016

A great place, with very low light pollution and accessible with a car. Surprising for a location with an altitude of nearly 2500m. Although it is a good starting point for several hikes we went up to spend the night near the lake and to check out the location.

The view from the top, looking back towards the road up.

The location is great and I plan to go up again when I find a chance with my time coinciding with a new moon and a time of year when it is still possible to drive up there without a snowmobile. This image was taken while I was waiting for the last rays of the sun to disappear. The cloud was shrinking while I was watching it. It completely disappeared as the last rays of the sun did.

The Last Rays

I had to wait a lot longer for the sky to darken to the point when I could get started to get some good star shots, as there was still a half-moon which took a long time to set, but it was worth it. I was trying out a few different techniques and some didn't work quite as I had wanted or expected, so there aren't more star images for the time being. We took our camping equipment along and set it up, but I didn't really use it. I spent most of the night watching the stars and then waiting for the sunrise.

The Stars Above

The sun came up slower than I'd expected, so after setting up the camera I had some time to spare, so I decide to use my back up camera to take some other shots

Waiting for the first rays

The first rays

Obviously this isn't the image that was taken with the setup in the previous image as this is landscape and the other is a portrait, but it was taken a few moments later after I changed the orientation.

I like the light in this image, the way that the rocks of the mountain appear so smooth and the reflections in the lakes

The final image from the top


I've included this image as it was taken during the trip, but it was done from a car while on the motorway travelling home; I wasn't driving. I like it and in some way, I'm a bit proud of this one. I had a 150-600mm on the camera at the time, with no chance to change it. As I didn't have much time, literally less than a minute between two tunnels and had to manually focus at 120km/h. The autofocus is a little slow and the focus peaking makes manual relatively easy.

I got off six shots, but the others had motor signs, poles or pieces of trees in them. You can still see a little bit of the motorway barrier at the bottom of this one, but it is the best one.

Admittedly there was a lot of luck involved, but for me, it also shows that my understanding of the camera and its functions is improving.

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