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Lago Ritom

This will be a short post. I wasn't able to get any photography done this weekend, as I was otherwise engaged on a renovation project. There was one trip out, but I made an error with the camera setting and messed a few hours sitting in silence waiting for foxes! Maybe next time.

These images are from a recent hike around Ritomsee in Tessin. The water level in the lake was very low, which meant that is wasn't as picturesque as usual. So I decided against any landscape photos of the area, but I couldn't resist a few pictures of the Murmeltier (Groundhogs).

Lago Ritom is a popular area for walking, I was there early, but not quite early enough. I managed to get these images before too many people were around, and before they moved higher up.

This is obviously not a great shot, the focus is slightly off. I included it because I love the expression.


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