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Look of Discontent

This is going to be a very short post, I just wanted to release these images as I managed to get quite a clear shot of one of the adult Tawny Owls. There was still a large branch that I couldn't get around, but they are the best ones so far.

The first images were all as below, with a sleeping owl looking content in the sunshine. Soon after I started to take pictures, the head turned towards me, and the eyes slightly opened to give me a look as if asking what I thought I was doing disturbing his/her sleep. As you can see in the title image.

The Olympus is so quiet, even when on a high burst rate, and with the rest of the noise of the city around I was surprised that the sound of the camera was distinguishable from the rest of the sounds around.

There was no sign of the Owlets this time, although I didn't spend too much time looking. I left soon after this as not to disturb too much.


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