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New Website and Shop

After more work than I expected, especially transferring old blog posts, I've finally managed to get my new site up and running.

The trigger for the change was to include an e-commerce system, as I ran into problems with my previous provider, but it gave me an opportunity to refresh a few other things too.

I wanted to include a shop, so that I can sell the products directly online. At the moment it contains only this years calendar, but there will soon be other products too.

This year it will actually be two calendars, as I've decided to start creating one, with landscape images that are taken within the border of Waldenburg. The other one is a selection of my favourite flower images from 2020.


Calendars are already available for pre-order with a discounted price of CHF40.- including shipping, until the 31st August 2020, after which it will be CHF45.-

Other products will be added soon, starting with postcards and greeting cards, and once I've established a shipping solution, I'll offer larger prints too.



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