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Owl Addiction

I've started walking past where the Owls roost most evenings on my way home from work, even though it's not on my way home from work! This is the first time that I have seen them again though.

I was very lucky because one of the owlets was not only in full view but was also posing beautifully for the camera. It seemed to be as interested in me, or the camera lens, as I was in taking pictures.

The next three images are all the same picture but cropped slightly differently. I couldn't decide which one I prefered.

This is the elusive, camera-shy adult. I've seen it a few times, but it always sits in a position that is very hard to get a clear line of sight that shows more than just the tail feathers.

The light changes so quickly, and the leaves are always moving which constantly changes the composition. I like the way that the light hits just one eye in the next shot.

This one appears to be wondering whether it's time for a pedicure!

I'm sure that there will be more images soon.


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