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Passwang - First Sunrise Trip

Blog Post - 2

This was the first trip to Passwang to catch the sunrise. Well actually it was meant to be to catch stars, but while walking up to the top from the parking area (didn't know at the time that it was allowed to drive to the top!) the clouds were drawing in and the stars were disappearing behind them. The road was also very slippery underfoot so we weren't moving forwards very quickly and we'd left it a little too late for stars, so we decided to turn back and try again another time.

On the way down we turned a corner and were confronted with an absolutely amazing sunrise coming over the Alps. The air was so crisp and clear even, that even with only a 200mm it felt like the mountains were close enough to touch.

From the point where we were the composition wasn't easy for me, so I found it better to use a long lens and shoot between the trees.

I had to pull the colour out of the RAW files a little due to the nature of RAW, but really not much at all and I have tried to keep the colours as close to what I experienced as possible.

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