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Passwang Time Again

Blog Post - 0033

We're back to the time of year when the sunrise is aligned behind the alps from the viewpoint of Vogelberg.

I love the variability of this location. There is a fairly low level of light pollution for nightscapes, sunrises over the Alps and sunsets over Basel. With the right lenses, you're able to get close-ups of the mountains while still maintaining the sense of distance.

With the obvious exception of the sunset, I think that I've managed to catch a lot of the different aspects of the images from this trip.

Apart from the last image which was taken a few metres away, all other images in this entry are from the exact same location; the tripod didn't move.

This nightscape image captures the moon and stars, while also showing the first rays of the sunrise above the distant mountains. The lights of the towns and villages help to define the distance and size.

This is similar, but slightly later in the morning. Not much though, everything moves very quickly once the first sun rays appear. I tried a different format with this one.

Same composition with 20 minutes between them. The light from the sun has changed and most of the streetlights have gone out.

This one is from a different angle and more toward the sun. Apart from the light being completely different, the low fog between the hills in the foreground and the mountains creates a layering effect that emphasises the distance.

I like the framing that the hills in the foreground give to this image.

This is taken from the same point, but I used a 150-600mm lens. It shows the mountains Eiger and Jungfrau, Mönch is hidden behind the clouds.

One last shot with an 18mm lens to show the scale of the view.


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