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The Rest

One more from Pembrokeshire. There were a few images left over from the trip, but not enough from individual locations to warrant a blog entry for each one, so here we have the rest.


The first in the group is in the direction of abstract. Waves through a wave. The rough sea shot through the spray of a closer wave hitting the rocks in front of me.

The next one (the title image); well to be honest this one happened by chance, but it's one that I love. I was trying with the 300mm and the 1.4x tele-converter to take pictures of the birds in flight. Not hoping to get anything in particular, it was more to do with practice.

For me there are two parts to this image that individually wouldn't work. The image of the silhouette of the bird in flight alone is nothing special. The image of the ocean is also nothing special, there is a certain interest in the structure of the waves, but on it's own it's nothing special. With both aspects though, there is something. It's a moment frozen in time, the bird acts to pull the gaze further into the image.

White Sands

An old favourite location. I didn't quite get what I wanted out of this image, I think that the composition is off in some way, not quite sure how though. I've included it to show that things don't always go as planned, but it's not always that bad.

Preseli Hills

A new area in the region for me, as I tend to stay close to the coast. I didn't get to take many images as the wind on the day was so strong. It was a lovely hike though, and sometimes just being in the moment is enough. From the few that I did took, I chose this one, there is just something about solitary trees in an open landscape that I find fascinating.


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