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The Way to the Image

This is the final image, but where did it come from. The way to the image is to explore what you see, as with this example.

This first image is what drew my interest. From a distance the mass of small white flowers in these flower heads had something that intrigued me.

On closer inspection the bloom was coming to an end and the individual petals were no longer in the best of shape, but for a split second while looking through the view finder there was something else.

At the top of the frame a pattern kept drifting in and out of focus.

Upon taking a closer look, a new concept came to mind, a new image. The search was on.

I moved around looking for what I had in mind, I tried different settings, changed angles and moved positions.

After more than a few failed attempts and too many aphids, I was able to find what I was looking for. There were just enough flowers around the edges, so that the central stems could be seen .

The composition was what I had been looking for and although I like the colours, I wanted to bring more emphasis to the centre of the image. As I've been experimenting with monochrome lately the first stop was to convert it to black and white.

This worked but most of my recent experimenting has been with creating a cyanotype look with monochrome so the final image and the one that I feel reflects best the initial idea upon seeing the pattern is this one.

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