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Blog Post - 0028

I had a great weekend with friends in Tessin. Wonderful company and weather; hot and sunny with autumn colours and clear blue skies.

From the photography side of things, I would have liked it a little different. It was a new moon, so I was hoping for clear night skies to get some shots of the stars over the mountains and for the day time I would have liked a few clouds to add texture to the sky. What I got were cloudy nights and clear days!

This first shot was taken from outside of the new church in Anzonico looking across the valley. I used a Sigma 150-600mm. The air was so clear in the morning that I was able to get a very sharp image.

This one was also taken in Anzonico (I was staying there), this time close to the old church. The weather, the colour and the light was beautiful in the morning. I've tried a few times to get a shot of this church, but this is the first time I've managed to catch a shot that I've liked. It was taken with a Zeiss Batis 2.8/18

The next two were taken when I still had hope that the night skies were going. I had gone out to find a darker area away from the village, when I left the sky was clear, 20 minutes later it looked like this and an hour later there were a lot more.

Even though there were clouds, I think that these two still came out quite well. They were both taken from the same spot but in different directions.

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