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Volksstimme Article #2

My second image for the Volkstimme article was also taken in Waldenburg, as I plan all of them to be.

Wir alle können die höheren Temperaturen spüren, der Sommer ist da. Die Wärme wirkt sich auch auf die Natur und die Tierwelt aus. Das Laub im Wald wird dichter, und es gibt mehr Jungtiere. Auch die Waldenburger Gämsen haben ihre dicken Wintermäntel abgelegt und sie durch den unter Gämsen total im Trend liegenden Sommerstyle ersetzt. Hier an einer jungen Gämse zu sehen, die zwischen den Klippen im gedämpften Sonnenlicht am Fressen ist.

These moments are particularly special for me, it's one of the reasons that I love photography so much. Photography gives me a reason to get outside, obviously not the only reason but it helps a lot, and it gets my into situations like this. Quite moments in the forest in which nature continues on it's own track without disruption. I came across a small group nibbling on fresh leaves and spent a long time watching them clambering with ease around the cliff face. I'm sure they knew that I was there, but I kept quiet and as motionless as possible, and apart from the occasional glance to check up on me, they carried on with their day.

That was until the helicopter flew close overhead and sent them running for cover.


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