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Volksstimme Newspaper Article #1

Even though I'm excited about this, for one reason or another I seem to have forgotten to post about this here. As of last month I will have a monthly image with a small descriptive text in the local regional newspaper, Volksstimme.

The first image turned into two images with one above of the Waldenburg Castle ruins on the front page and the second in a one page spread with a portrait article about me and a short article from me with the actual first image, which was this one.

I wanted the first image of the twelve to be something that stood out for the time of year and had a clear identifying factor of the location. In this case a single early spring flower with the Waldenburg castle ruins in the background with the early morning light creating the layers on the hillsides.

If you would like to read the actual article in German the file can be downloaded below.

Volksstimme 28May2021
Download PDF • 1.69MB


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