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The images in this post are from the Petite Camargue; all from the same lake and the same hide.

It was a clearer morning than in the last post. Still a slight mist, but not to the same extent. I've included the first three images to show that it doesn't always go according to plan, but also to give an impression of the day.

The first image is one that I really wish had come out better. It didn't, for the simple reason that I wasn't ready. I'd just arrived at the path, I was mentally preparing for the hide, and I wasn't expecting to see anything on the path. The camera settings were still set as they were from previous day, and just weren't right for the situation. There wasn't enough time to change them, before the deer spied me and went back into the undergrowth.

The second two are included because of the theme of the post and show both birds in one shot, they are nothing special though.


This is another image that I'm not completely happy with. I love the image as a whole, the composition and the colours are great, but the light was very low and there is a bit too much noise.

You may recognise this Heron from one of the first three images. It was caught a moment later as it glided further over the lake with no other birds around. I like the near complete circle from the Heron in flight and the reflection below. I chose to go with Black and White as the contrast suited the structure of the feathers.

The first ray of sun light, clam water, low ISO, fast shutter speed, and with a little help from post processing, I was able to catch this high contrast image. I love the effect of the Egret bathed in golden light, with a slight hint of a reflection in the water.

And finally my favourite image of the group. You can't see it in this image, but you may be able to see from the picture, there was something else in the water. The Great Egret stepped on something in the water, something big that didn't like being stepped on. I have no idea what it was, but by the way that it splashed around it must have been the same size as the Egret, if not larger. Although the Egret wasn't keen on the situation, it meant that I was able to get this image.

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