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Yes I'm waiting.

Waiting because Olympus didn't see the confirmation mail about my repair and haven't repaired it yet. What should have been a 5 days turnaround with Pro Service is now at 3 weeks and still no news as to when I'll get it back. The A7rIII is starting to look even more appealing right now!

I've managed to tear some intercostal muscles while at the new house, and now have to wait for them to heal before doing much else. As long as I don't do anything that puts strain on my ribs I'm fine. As strain includes breathing deeply, carrying a bag of camera gear wouldn't really be an option even if Olympus had completed the repairs already!

And I'm waiting for delivery of a 2018 calendar draft, which should have arrived today, but didn't!

This means that on my day of the week that I would usually be out taking pictures, I'm at home surviving on a diet of painkillers, and waiting.

After all of that I do have some positive news. I heard yesterday that one of my photos, the one used for the title image, will be published in a German Photography magazine.

I've also been going over some older images with a new perspective and new experience that I've gathered. So today I just have some older image to show. Three shots from three of my favourite places.

The first shot is a sunrise over Basel from December 2016.

The second is also a sunrise, this one was also taken in December 2016 at Druidstone in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

And finally a more recent one taken a couple of weeks ago on a sight seeing trip with family around the Vosges. It was taken from Hohneck.

Hopefully I'll have my OMD EM-1 mk2 back for the next post, if not it may be the A7RIII !


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