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Waldenburg - Waldweide Sunrise

I was an hour late for what I had intended to do on this morning. One night some time ago when I was at the same location taking milky way images a few deer appeared just before dawn, I had planned to get to Waldweide an hour or so before dawn to hide away in the undergrowth in the hope that the deer would appear again. I'll have to try this at another time, but even though I was late for the deer, I still managed to have a great time admiring the view from Waldweide.

The first image was taken using the 40-150mm 2.8 pro lens.

The next three are also taken from the same perspective, although this time with two different lenses, the first with the 40-150mm f2.8 pro at 90mm, the second with a 300mm f4 pro and the third I've added for comparison is also taken with the 300mm f/4 pro, but this time with the 1.4x converter.

If I've got this correct, and I'm fairly sure that I have; in the background you can see Gross-Schärhorn and Chammliberg on the left with slope of the Niderbauen-Chulm in the foreground. I recently came across a website that I've been using a lot recently, which have helped with the identification,

The last view is from another direction looking towards another favourite location of mine, Belchenflue (at least I'm pretty sure that it's Belchenflue!) It was taken using a 300mm with a 1.4x convertor.

I'm really starting to like my new home. I can't wait to actually live there, and not have to drive for half an hour to get there.


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