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Wales Again

We're back in Wales, a little earlier than we thought but happy to be back. Another big plus, at least for us, is that we've missed the Carnival in Basel.

This time we drove over, which took a little longer than planned, but it will be the choice of travel in this direction for future visits.

The weather has been extremely varied since we arrived and pretty much changing on an hourly basis. From blue skies to strong wind and hail, and in-between solid grey clouds as far as the eye can see.

The images that I have for this blog entry are preliminary, I still need to look at them on a larger screen. There are some that I've set up for focus stacking too.


There was a break in the clouds one night, so I went out to see if I could catch some stars. I managed some, but the sky was changing so quickly it was difficult to keep up.

To prove that there was the occasional break in the clouds I've included the next two images. They returned to grey soon after this though.

The last shot is a panorama of the local beach close to where we're staying in Little Haven.

They'll be more images next week, once I can take a look at them on a larger screen.

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