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Wales - Christmas 2014

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For the past couple of years, we've been going to stay in Wales by the sea.

We stay at the same place, which is centrally located in Pembrokeshire.

This one is a further different edit of the main image above. Although I like it, it does remind me of an Instagram filter.

This year we arrived a little early and spent a couple of days in Snowdonia, This image is of the estuary on the River Dwyryd near Portmeirion. It's a long exposure shot taken as the tide was coming in.

With this image, I was trying something new. I had two images that I liked, the first had a nice sky and in the second the water was nice. So I decided to try to merge them together. Although I'm quite pleased with the result I think that it still feels fake, but this might be because I know that it was two images.


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