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Blog Post - 0040

I have two other images that are one-offs from other locations, so not enough on there own for separate posts.

The first is a shot from Newgale beach. When the tide is out this is a huge wide expanse. It's very popular for various forms of surfing and kayaking. At this time of year horse riding and dog walking; I think that this isn't allowed in the main tourist season though.

This one was taken on the beach between Little Haven and Broad Haven. It could really have been taken anywhere though. It was a dark grey day, I had a tripod with me, but no filter. I took advantage of the grey day to try to get a long exposure image without a filter by changing the ISO to 50 and the aperture to f/22. With this, I was able to get a 10-second exposure as well as light and colours that I wasn't expecting.


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