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Blog Post - 0039

In the past, when I've been to this beach I've always gone towards the headland and up to St. Davids Head for the view over the ocean and to hopefully get a glimpse of the wild ponies.

This time we decided to wander around the beach first and then go up to St. Davids Head. We didn't make it up to the Head and ended up spending most of the time around the rocky outcrop and the tidal pools.

We enjoyed it so much that we went there again on another day. So the pictures that are in this post are from two visits. Which is one of the reasons I decided to split this trip up into locations rather than days?

There are a lot of rocks around on the right side of the beach. I was able to separate one of them out for this image.

I spent a while at this rock pool, but I still didn't manage to get the focus quite as I wanted it. It has got me looking into hyperfocal points though.

This was taken a little bit further down the outcrop. At the time I took this the tide was turning and I didn't have much time to get the image, but I think I managed to get what I was looking for

With the tide coming back in we decided to pack up and go home, but before going back we decided to take a stroll along the other side of the beach as the sun was still in the sky.

The wind blowing in from the sea was holding the sea foam in place a few moments longer than the waves, leaving long leading lines of foam making there way into the distance.

These rocks fascinated me, they are so smooth and the turquoise colour is so strong. I even picked up a few to bring home with me so that while editing the picture I could get the same colour in the images


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