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Winter to Autumn

With the snowfall today, I thought it was time to revisit this post. I’ve had it as a draft for a few months, as I’ve been struggling to find the words to fit with it. The images were taken last year after some early snowfall, and while there were still autumn colours in the trees. As the past two posts have been flamingo related, and I thought that a break was in order, and due to the snow fall today, I thought that it was time to give this one another go.


Autumn hadn’t quite finished, but Winter was pushing it’s way forward. There had been fresh snow in the higher areas of Baselland while the lower areas were still experiencing the full colour of Autumn.

I started at Waldweide, making my way through a good 50 centimetres of snow into the forest. The colours were fascinating, all of the variations were made more vibrant by the contrast to the pure white of the snow.

The title shot is of a single beech leaf lying on the surface snow, simple yet still effective.

I walked further into the forest, the silence of a snow covered forest was only disturbed by the sound of my footsteps and the occasional falling of snow from the heavily laden branches. The panorama format is becoming a firm favourite of mine.

Then a surprise. For a fleeting moment a crested tit came into view, fluttered between a few branches and then disappeared into the forest again. I had been working on the previous two images, the camera settings were not optimal to catch an image of a small fast moving bird, but I tried anyway. Although I do like the image, it is slightly out of focus.

Clouds were now coming further down the hills, visibility was varying between a few meters and a few hundred meters.

One last shot from the forest, snow now falling again, a few rays of light managed to make their way through to this branch.

On the way back down into the valley, into the late autumn weather, I made a quick stop for an image of the castle surrounded by clouds.

Away from the winter weather, pass the late autumn weather and into early autumn weather, with a stop at the Giessen wasserfall for a few images. It’s a very well known location but it’s always nice to visit.

Next time I’ll be back to flamingos for one last time before getting back to usual service.


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