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Wooltack Bay

Blog Post - 0038

At this time of year, the sunset is a little too far to the south-east to be able to be seen over the ocean during sunset from where I was staying, so I had to look for another location. After looking over Google Maps and TPE to find a location that was close I decided to try out Wooltack Bay.

I'm actually not that sure of the name of the site I was at; Wooltack Bay is close but it refers to a specific bay at the point. It's also close to the Lockley Lodge Visitor Centre where you can get the boat out to Skomer at other times of the year.

The views from here are great and there is a nice path leading around the headland. I wasn't able to try this, but from what I saw in the evening, there was very little light pollution and I think it could be a really good spot for astrophotography.

I like the variety of views from the cliffs, the wide-open seascapes and views over to Skomer and Skokholm.

I thought that I'd throw this one in too. One of me with my absolute favourite tripod, getting comfortable and preparing for the sun to get a little bit closer to the horizon.

The sun is not far from the horizon and the light is slowly changing.

The last one a few moments before the sun disappeared below the horizon. It surprises me every time, but it is amazing how fast it appears to move at this point.


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