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Another Owl Post

These images were taken a couple of weeks ago, they are from the last time that I was able to see the Owls. I've gone by several times again, but haven't been lucky so far.

I'm not as happy as I could be with the images, well most of them at least. I wasn't able to get a good angle with a clear view, but there are three reasons why I still wanted to share them.

  • Firstly I was intrigued and surprised by the variation in mimic that the larger of the two owlets showed in these first three images.

  • Secondly, the amount that they have changed in such a short time. I'm not completely certain but I believe that the image to the right shows that same old from a few weeks before. It was the larger of the two.

  • Finally, these may be the last images that I'm able to get of these two owlets.

The focus on the next one is a few centimetres out, but I decided to include it anyway as I like the expression.

I wanted to see if I could add an extra element by removing colour from the images. I'm still a little unsure about them, but they're growing on me.

The following images are of the smaller Owlet. the first one is the image from this group that I really like. Although the view to the Owlet is mostly blocked by leaves the view to the eyes is free and central in the shot, as if looking through a tunnel. The points of light in the eyes add an extra element of life to the shot.

This final image feels for me as if the owlet has had enough of me being there and of the pictures; its interest has moved on to something else. This is one of the final images that I have. I will keep going back to look, if I manage to get some more images they will be here soon.

If I don't see them again, I will still look back on the moments that I did very fondly.


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