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Belchenflue - Location Check

Blog Post - 0011

I've been looking for another location for sunrise or night images and decided to check out Belchenflue during the day time to find places and compositions before attempting walking around there in the dark.

Went on a cloudy/misty day. Looked like clouds when driving up and looking at them from below, felt like mist while walking through it and looked liked clouds again when standing above. Whatever it was it added something very special to the atmosphere of the location. I like the mist in forests.

These two were taken on the way up to the top.

The tree reminds me of something from Princess Mononoke, I can imagine tree spirits around it rattling their heads.

After working on this image I had another idea for a different composition of this tree which I will try to get to soon.

I love the view from the top and hope to catch more low clouds rolling over the hills in autumn.

Above the clouds

I will be visiting this place again soon.


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