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Four Days - Four Seasons

Day Four - Winter

Time to return home and leave the mountains behind, there's still time to catch a few shots though. It had been lightly snowing most of the night, yet it wasn't quite enough to completely cover the grass. As we planned on leaving quite early, we didn't stray too far away from the hotel.

One thing that you may notice while looking through is an unusual line of blue light on the three images looking over the valley. I have no idea what it is, but it was there.

The next two images were taken with a minute of each other, slightly different settings, and fewer clouds.

The blue line can be seen in both.

Although the sky was covered in clouds, I managed to get a little bit of blue sky around the peaks.

A few moments after this the clouds covered everything in the view of my composition again. Time to wait and enjoy the feeling of being alone in the fog, waiting for it to open up, the anticipation of what the view may look like this time. With not a care in the world, I was taking walking around singing and whistling to myself. I turned around mid whistle and saw these three deer looking straight back at me with a look that implied that they didn't appreciate my musical prowess.

Side note: Longer zoom needed ;o)

The blue sky is still there.

A simple image, I would have liked that little bit of extra snow here.

This was taken on the way down, I love the combination of the fresh new shoots of spring grass with the fresh snow above.

You may have noticed in the past four posts that some of the images were taken with a different camera. I will go into this in the next post.


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