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Inclement Weather

Blog Post - 0029

Only one picture in this post, well technically it's 14 pictures, I combined 14 portrait shots to produce this image, then pulled some more detail out of the RAW file.

This was the only patch of blue sky that I saw all day, but this type of weather always produces wonderfully dramatic skies.

The new toy, well that was what I took this image with. It's an Olympus OM-D EM-10 Mark 2, the brown leather limited edition.

I've been interested in the Olympus system since I was looking around for my first DSLR, it was a close call between Nikon and Olympus at the time. I like the size and weight of the bodies and lenses the design and especially the weather sealing, but I've been put off by the size of the sensor and I'm also heavily invested in the Sony E-mount system.

The reason for buying this one? Well, none that are good. There was a good deal, I've wanted to try the Olympus system for a while, it's more compact than my A7, so it will be easier to carry around day today, but what it really comes down to is this; I love the design of this model!

As soon as I can, I'll spend time taking some side by side images with the OM-D and the A7 and compare them in another blog entry. From what I've taken so far though, I'm impressed by the quality. I am struggling with menus, but that is because I'm not used to them.

In the meantime,

I have two snapshots of Kenny Rogers and Brandi Carlile from a recent concert. They're from a distance, both are handheld and taken in a dark room with pink lighting! Taking that into consideration, they're not too bad


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