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Moment Scouting

Today was a day of exploring. I've been to this location before, I was interested in seeing what pre-dawn, and stages of the sunrise looked like, and to see if there were chances of sighting wildlife in the area. I wasn't disappointed.

I'm moving to this area soon, so I'll be spending more time there in the future to find new spots.

Although I wasn't able to capture any of the deer that I saw, I was able to scout a few spots where I should be hidden enough next time.

As I arrived at Waldweide the sky was starting to lighten. For me, this is pre-dawn, the time before the sun is visible, but the first rays are already affecting the sky.

The first image was taken from the parking place at Waldweide, above Waldenburg. The colours that appear in the sky at this time of the morning can be incredible. The low fog lying between the silhouettes of the hills adds a further dimension along with the single star.

I tried to play with the same concept, although with less success. The composition isn't too bad, but it's missing something.

After wandering through the forest from place to place, in no particular direction, sitting down in a clearing to listen to the dawn chorus, stumbling around making too much noise and scaring a deer or two, I returned to the open meadow.

Dawn was well underway, the dew had caught on the grass, and the mist was hanging low. This is without a doubt the best time of the day. I sat at the edge of the meadow for a while watching the mist. It was then that two deer ran up behind me, I turned to see what was there, they saw me, stopped, stared, turned around and ran away barking.

I was not aware that deer bark, now I am! Also aware that I should get some lighter camouflage clothing, I had taken off my jacket as it was quite warm, I was out in the open, and therefore very easy to spot. I'll know better next time.

The final image was taken on the way home from the road up to Waldweide, it shows the Ruine Waldenburg


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