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The in Between

The 'In Between' in the context of the heading of this blog entry, is the area between the two beaches from the previous two blog entries, Broad Haven South and Barafundle Bay. There is a beautiful walk along the cliffs between these two beaches, it's well worth a visit. There are various paths to follow, at varying distances from the edge of the cliffs. Which could be very welcome if you're keen on the view, but not keen on the heights.

I don't mind the heights that much, at least not in fair weather. When the winds are strong and blowing out towards to ocean, and each gust gives you a not so gentle nudge towards the edge, I tend to naturally veer towards the paths the are a touch further from the edge!

A few years ago, while walking the coastal path in wet weather I slipped on a steep path going down towards a cliff. I landed on my arse and found out, as I was rapidly getting closer to the edge, that the path, although just a path, also functioned very well as a water slide; or in this case a mud slide. Since then I've had a lot more respect for the cliff edge in inclement weather.

The first time that I was on this path the rain was so bad I had to turn back, the other few times it was just very windy. All these images are from two of the windy days.

The first two are basically the same shot, one in landscape and one portrait, although there is an obvious slight variation in time.

Of the two images, I prefer the portrait, because of the reflection of the light on the water and I think that the grass at the base grounds the image and gives the a starting point to lead the eye further into the picture.


The curve of the cliff face in the next image, naturally takes the eye on a journey along the cliffs out to the distant horizon and into the dawn light.

Different day, different camera. This one was taken with the Sony A7 and a 16-35mm f/4. 20 second exposure using a Haida ND filter, as well as a graduated ND filter.

What I like with this composition is the line of the horizon following on along the top of the cliff. In hindsight I think that I exposure could have been shorter, so that the expanse of the white of the waves would be smaller.

Still undecided on systems, but still trying to decide.


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