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Where am I and where am I going?

After opening my heart and soul in the last post where do I go next?

Well, the answer is varied, with the wonderful support of my partner I will be following my own path. As far as this site goes I want to get back to where I left off when I was posting weekly. Stories of photo trips and my experiences during them combined with a learning experience. For the next year at least, all of my weekly posts will be based out of Waldenburg.

I believe that our experiences since the start of the pandemic have shown us that there are images to be had closer to home than we know. We don't need to travel too far to find something new, so I will be spending my time discovering what there is within the borders of Waldenburg, I may stray a few meters outside of the borders but it won't be far enough to really notice. I will only take images from within this area, but the camera can obviously point outside of the area.

I also expect a few extra blog entries from a little further afield from other areas of Switzerland too.

Further to this, I have two new projects that I am working on is something new. After a few years of working on the renovation of my house, I have gathered a few new skills and expanded on these. This site is a new business venture to utilise these skills. is a joint project with my partner about the town that we have chosen to live in and the people within. We've met so many interesting people since we moved here, we plan to record their stories and share them on this site.

As far as photography goes, there are so many new things to find here. In the past few weeks, I have come across a new series of waterfalls, a few are a result of the heavy rain that we've experienced and won't be around for much longer, but they have helped me to find a few new locations filled with bird-song and the potential for a place for a wildlife-hide and bird images. I also had an unexpected encounter with a hare and received information about another possible site where I may find more.


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